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Playlands step by step

  It starts with an idea and your will to create a great business! When contacting us you will get all the information needed to proceed, and our experiance is yours to share. It´s free of charge, so why wait - contact us today.

In search of the right place for your business, think ahead and feel free to use us for a second opinion. Is it the right size and height - is it approved for this type of business - is the terms of contract reasonable etc etc.

Contact us and we will help you. 

  Finance, of course an important part. Before we start planning your business in detail you need to have the finances secured. We will help you with all information needed tomake a budget, business plan and answer all and any questions from your bank/investor. We can also offer leasing, contact us for more information. 
  Now we start planning your business. We have recieved plansof the site and based on your spcifications, budget, location and our experience we produce a 3D drawing that will meet your expectations and more! An exact offer including all is made and if egreed the contract is signed. 
  When all is agreed we start building. The time varies depending on size, normally between 2-8 weeks. Our experienced personal works according to all rules and regulations, and with safety in mind at all times. Your business is coming to life, sit back and enjoy!  

Grand opening! Here is where your work begins and ours continue. There will be a lot of questions and situations in need of answers and solutions. We will be available to help you in your new business!

To keep the structure safe and in good condition we provide service and maintenance checks, suggesting actions and there costs. All according to regulations BS EN 1176 and BS EN 1177. 

Please contact us for more information. 

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